There are many ways that a product can injure a person. Design flaws, manufacturing defects, and marketing mistakes can pose threats of injury to innocent consumers. Omitted warnings, improper labels, or inadequate instructions on a product’s packaging can fail to protect the person using the product from serious harm.

Goldstein & Goldstein, Esqs. represents individuals who have been injured as a result of unsafe or defective products. We assist those injured individuals in bringing their claims and being fairly compensated for their injuries. Negligent parties are held accountable when innocent consumers are injured due to faulty products.

Product Liability accidents may have long lasting effects on the victim, be it physically, emotionally, or financially. If the product is proven to be defective, the defendant may be held legally responsible.

If you have been injured by any consumer product or machine, please contact us to discuss your rights.

Defective Products & Products Liability



When is a product defective?
A product is defective if it does not provide the level of safety which the community generally is entitled to expect. The level of safety will vary from case to case and it is ultimately for the court to determine whether a product is defective. However, there are a number of factors the court will take into account when making its determination, including:

  • The manner in which and the purposes for which the product has been marketed;
  • The packaging of the product;
  • The use of any mark in relation to the product;
  • Instructions for or warnings with respect to doing or refraining from doing anything with or in relation to the product;
  • What might reasonably be expected to be done with the product; and
  • The time when the product was supplied.

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Who may be liable for supplying a defective product?
Generally speaking, a company that manufactures, imports, or sells a product is liable for a defective product.

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How much time do I have to bring a product liability action?
Generally, a person has three years to bring an action from the time of injury. Disabled persons or minors may have more time.

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You should always meet the lawyer who will actually handle your case to make sure you feel comfortable in placing this important matter in his hands. Look over Paul Goldstein and Lindsey Goldstein’s biographies and make “The Right and Intelligent Choice”.

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