Nursing Home Case

84 year old woman with advanced Alzheimers was admitted to a Nursing Home, run by the State, and developed pressure sores, bed sores, or decubitus ulcers on her coccyx and heel. They eventually healed, about a year and one-half later. Settled for $300,000, against the State, on the first day of trial

84 year old woman at Nursing Home, on respirator, with peripheral vascular disease, had an above the knee amputation. Claim was that the amputation was caused by pressure sores or ulcers on her right heel.
Settled after mediation for $375,000.

An 85 year old man who was recuperating from a hip fracture at a nursing home, fell and fractured his other hip. He also developed bed sores. He died, of unrelated causes, about 2 months later.
The matter was resolved for over $285,000.

A 70 year old woman who went to a nursing home for rehabilitation after hip surgery, developed two pressure ulcers on her buttocks. Upon her discharge, she was treated at a wound care center for 3 months, after which the ulcers healed completely, leaving some scarring.
The case settled for $150,000.

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Fire Accident Case

Fire in apartment building killing and injuring several people. Suit brought against various parties.
Settled for over $3,500,000.

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A 24-year-old laborer laying a water pipe in a trench was injured when the trench collapsed. He sustained hip and back injuries, no surgeries.
Settled for $1.3 million

A 35-year-old carpenter was assisting a subcontractor in the erection of a building when the roof trusses collapsed because of inadequate construction. He sustained a fracture of his left tibia necessitating surgery involving screws and bone grafting.
Settled for $250,000.00

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Dog Bite

While visiting her neighbor’s home with her parents, a young girl of approximately 12 years was bitten on the cheek by the neighbor’s dog. She sustained facial scarring.
Settled for over $100,000.00

An older woman was dog sitting for her daughter-in-law’s dog when the dog attacked her, causing severe injuries.
Settled for $285,000.00

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Motor Vehicle Accident

19 year old woman passenger in the front seat of a car sustained damage to her face and one eye, resulting in impaired vision, when a passing motor vehicle’s tire came off and crashed into the windshield of her vehicle.
Settled for $725,000, at mediation.

The vehicle of a 42-year-old female was struck head-on by a truck. She sustained a herniated cervical disc and a herniated lumbar disc necessitating surgery.
Settled for $525,000.00

The vehicle of a 45-year-old male meteorologist, driving up the Taconic State Parkway, was struck broadside by a vehicle which failed to stop at a stop sign. He sustained a fracture of his right acetabulum, with dislocation of his femur, which necessitated a total hip replacement.
Settled for $1,400,000.00

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Trip / Slip & Fall

A 33-year-old male slipped and fell as result of water that had collected on the floor of his warehouse from a leaking roof. He sustained left shoulder injuries and a cervical herniated disc, both necessitating surgery.
Settled for $380,000.00

A 49-year-old steam fitter fell on ice after work, hurting his back.
A settlement of $415,000 was obtained

A 40-year-old woman slipped and fell on snow and ice in the parking lot of her employer. She sustained reflex sympathetic dystrophy of her lower extremity.
Settled for $115,000.00

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Medical Malpractice

31 year old woman, who had hemorrhoid surgery, and doctor damaged her sphincter. Settled for $385,000.

A 29-year-old young woman whose surgeon misdiagnosed breast cancer of her right breast while she was pregnant, necessitating a radical mastectomy and resulting in a projected decrease in her survival rate.
Settled for $600,000.00

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School Accident

A second grader fell off the monkey bars and sustained injury to his arm, resulting in compartment syndrome.
Settled for $1,450,000

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*Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.