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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I’ve been in human services and health care taking care of others since I was 20. When I worked as a case manager at Dutchess Outreach for all those years, I helped people go to rehab, fed them, kept their lights on their roofs over their heads with advocacy. As a nurse, I’ve taught patients, revived patients who were in cardiac arrest, was an advocate and a shoulder to lean on in times of crisis. I then moved on to management where I continue to advocate, develop better programming and continue to build relationships with patients and their families, as well as with my nursing staff. The point is, as a caregiver I have heard “thank you” many times. I have heard “you are my hero and I couldn’t have done it without you”. As a lawyer, you may not have heard that as much, as your profession isn’t deemed a healing profession, but for me it was. I got justice for my mother with your help. I was a baby when I first set foot in your office with my mom trying to buy a house. Who knew you would have been a huge part of my life just a few years later, when I dealt with the worst tragedy of my life at the age of 23. You put up with my million and one questions, all the times I was nosing around on court calendars and finding stuff out before your office was even notified. The best was insisting on sitting on all the depositions for each doctor, even though you said that typically people do not do that! I was in an abusive, toxic unhealthy relationship with children and had no family because my parents were deceased and my brothers were so far away and didn’t speak to me for years after the lawsuit. I fought through it all and became a successful individual who is happier than ever. There are many people who played a role in that process and you were one of them. Thank you, thank you for all you have done for me, from my mom’s malpractice case and the purchase of my home to the car accident case I had. You were like a father figure, and I really appreciate all the kindness you and Maryann showed me all those years! I just thought you should know you and your super staff help change lives.”